Gian Galeazzo Visconti

The last heir of the Duchy of Milan


According to the celebrity gossip Gian’s father passed away on the day he graduated college, leaving him a small fortune in liquid assets, worth approximately two million dollars. For the first year after his father’s death it’s said that he wandered the Italian countryside looking for other living relatives. Finding none he suddenly shifted gears putting his History degree to good use in the document restoration and recovery business. No longer despondent he flung himself into this pursuit and decided to focus on the city of his ancestors, Milan.

Quickly he became the expert on all things Milan as his eidetic memory combined with the sheer number of documents he read for his job created a rich tapestry of Milan’s history. Added to his natural intelligence and charisma he had started to make a stir in the high society of the city and turned his small business into a mildly successful one.

Despite this success Gian wouldn’t become the truly successful until he discovered a lost cache of priceless 14th century documents in a hidden room beneath the Cerosa Di Pavia. Between these documents and several timely investments Gian found himself in the billionaires club. However, he found he had no real use for the money and turned to philanthropy as a way to put it to good use.

Gian now runs Europe’s largest non-profit organization from his headquarters in Milan, his fundraisers and donations have a major impact on charities in Milan, northern Italy, and, to a lesser extent, the rest of Europe. It is at one of these famous fundraisers that he met Emilia Sforza, his current girlfriend. Emilia is a key player in several northern Italy charities and appreciates the good that Gian’s organization does. The two have been nicknamed the Duke and Duchess of Milan due to their direct heavy involvement in the city. While Gian has been known to call himself the last heir to the Duchy of Milan, modern Italian laws pay little attention to this claim.

Gian Galeazzo Visconti

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