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The Wreck of the Armoset

It took me months to get the smell of tuna out of the sub

And the rice

I thought you’d forgotten about the rice

The Wreck of the Armoset

Run date: 9.October.2011
Game dates: 0.1.31 – 0.1.32

Characters Appearing

Player Characters

  • Captain Margrite
  • Hassan
  • Birdie
  • Priscilla
  • Dr. Smythe

Significant NPCs

What Happened

The Nightmare Storm

Hassan had plotted a course to steer a path between the two storms, but the weather systems dissipated and reformed right on top of the Medici. The crew kept their heads, and quickly reversed course out of the storm, but Hassan lost his bearings in the process. The ships navigation equipment was malfunctioning (as the sailors at Madagascar had explained they did at Northern latitudes) the ship went off course. When they sighted land, Hassan and Kombu were able to chart a new course, one which did not take them back past the wreck of the Armoset.

Priscilla tried to reason with Hassan to visit the wreck, as they had previously agreed to do so, but he referred her to the Captain. Since Priscilla had already been told, by the Captain, that they would visit the wreck she was very upset, and told the passengers he had changed his mind.

One of the passengers, Koko, visited the Captain and explained that her brother had been aboard the Armoset. She tearfully invoked her dead mother, and having to bring the news to her father, and the Captain relented (much to his later regret).

The Armoset

Hassan recharted a course to take them back past the shipwreck site. When they got there, the Captain and Birdie checked out the coastline in the Borgia (the Medici’s mini sub) along with Koko (because she could see things they could not). Birdie spotted an exotic creature which examined the sub with apparent curiosity, then swam away.
Armoset (click picture for attribution)

Meanwhile, a landing party took the Zodiac to the shore. While examining the ship, Giovanni realized there was something living inside it. He fired a shot in the air, and a walrus sized creature broke through the rotting wood to attack him. A short and bloody battle ensued, complicated by a gigantic flying creature coming at them from the air.
Hatzg scale (click picture for attribution)

The attackers were no match for the dakka (warning: TV Tropes link. Follow at your own risk!) and soon went down. The large flyer began stirring, however, and Priscilla put one final shot into it. Then she collapsed in a heap, and the creatures began behaving strangely, their tentacles turned from red to yellow, and they began howling and lowing at the body. Priscilla was revived, but felt strange, and kept hysterically insisting that there were more creatures in the sky, and that they needed to hide in the woods rather than make for the Zodiac.

The creatures advanced on the landing party, particularly (perhaps) Priscilla, and chased them into the woods. There was another gunfight, during which Priscilla was briefly wrapped in tentacles, but the Medici (which had been following the battle as best it could over the radio) managed to clear the beach and the surrounding water long enough for the landing party to get back aboard.

Once on the ship, Priscilla thought she heard the Captain say “I told you so” in Portuguese, and cursed him out in that same language, much to Pele’s amusement. Dr. Smythe sedated her, and the ship set course for Madagascar.

The Story So Far
...link to previous runs

The HMS Medici, a high-tech chartered yacht, and it’s passengers and crew, fell through a dimensional portal to a strange world filled with dinosaurs, mermaids, and very large rabbits. Their early adventures, up to the first Nightmare Storm, can be found at the Polyhedra Wordpress Blog Lost World Site.


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